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In the early days, when my babies were young, I was surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of times they needed to nurse throughout the day. For the first couple weeks we stayed in the comfort of our house but once we were ready for outings, I found myself not knowing how to dress myself so that I could easily breastfeed while out and about. I still wanted to look like I had some sort of style but I didn't want breastfeeding to become any more difficult. Working in the breastfeeding industry, I have come across so many cool companies. So, I have compiled a list of some awesome and super cute breastfeeding items:



1: Molly Ades: Nursing Tanks in black and white - $60 for the pair - Solid black is great for layering under anything or chic when wearing it solo. The ivory tank is soft and light and the orange zipper adds a pop of color. These 2 tanks will definitely get you through breastfeeding in style! BUY THEM HERE!

2: The Dairy Fairy: Adjustable all-in-one nursing and handsfree pumping bra - $68 - This bra does it all. It allows for nursing, pumping, and it adjusts as your size fluctuates. BUY ONE HERE!

3: Baby Leche: 2-in-1 Nursing Cover - $40 - Our covers easily transition from an infinity scarf to a nursing cover with 360 degree coverage. I created these covers to be a cute accessory to wear and make breastfeeding on the go much more convenient. No more stuffing your breastfeeding cover into your diaper bag. Now you will always have your cover on you when you need it. We have so many pretty colors and patterns to choose from. SHOP ALL OUR COVERS HERE!

4: Roolee: Nursing dresses - I recently came across this company and I'm in love. They have a line of clothing made to be breastfeeding friendly. They are so cute and so practical. CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

5: Undercover Mama: Nursing shirts - $29.99 - These shirts, like the tanks, will be a staple in your wardrobe. They have some cute patterns to choose from. CHECK THEM OUT HERE!



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